We want to communicate that Jerry down hill, is going to spend a season in Badajoz with my great friend Federico florido of the affix Atalaya labs .... Thank you very much for also taking care of Jerry.

For any questions on Jerry please contact him.

Tlf: 635 72 99 08


Welcome to Avellanar Retriever

My name is Iñaki , and I know the Labrador Retriever breed since I was a child, when I fell in love with it. For this reason I decided to learn more about it and train in order to improve the breed.

As part of my training, I have read widely on the subject from the specialised existing literature, and have gained a deep knowledge of the different bloodlines. I have also been in contact with expert breeders from Spain, the UK, Sweden and France, among other. Once my training was finished, I began to raise this beautiful breed of Labradors.

Our kennel is located in Abanto and Zierbena, in Bizkaia (The Basque Country, North of Spain), in the central area of the iron deposit known as the Somorrostro Mountains, and close to the Green Way of Galdames ("via verde de Galdames"), where we enjoy nice walks and which leads to our home in the Campillo neighbourhood.

I am a registered breeder with the Spanish Association of Labrador Retrievers ("Asociacion Española del Labrador Retriever").


Labrador Retriever, Criador de labrador en España , Criador de labrador en Vizcaya , Criador de labrador Retriever en Bizkaia .


Iñaki Rodriguez

phone: 645 70 21 63 / 94-636 16 03

Gallarta ( Bizkaia )