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Pipe Dreamer of Rio Nevado
* Amets *

Colour: Ee BB

Teeth: Complete Dentition

Hips: A

Elbows: 0-0

Optigen prcdPRA: N/N (free)

Eye check-up: free: 24-09-2012





Ch. Esp.
Poolstead Puccini
Ch. Sh.
Poolstead Pumpkin
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Sloane Ranger At Bulgenen
Poolstead Palmerston
Foxcourt No Answer
Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Pipe Dreamer
Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Preferential
Poolstead Positive Mystery
Poolstead Penny Piece Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Publican
Stanwood Block Buster
Poolstead Pure Chance
Poolstead Prestige
Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Pipe Smoker
Poolstead Pin-Feather
Deud'issan Miss-Molly Ch.
Lenches Angus
Poolstead Plan Of Action
Poolstead Pre-eminenty
Poolstead Prestige
Lenches Miss Milly Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Pumpkin
Ch. Sh. GB
Lenches Miss Molly
Selina De la Torre De Justo Nil Winds Of Toul Diweon Rocheby Pirate Cove
Bubbling Ginger
Camila De La Torre De Justo  

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