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Ch.España. Eureka of Avellanar Retriever
* Eureka *

Colour: Ee BB

Teeth: Complete/ Correct bite

Hips: B

Elbows: 0-0

Optigen prcdPRA: (Carrier)

Eye check-up: Free: 28-06-2008





International Exhibition of Valencia 2008: MB. 1st Class Female Puppies.
Judge: Mr. Alfonso Thovar

International Exhibition of Zaragoza 2009: MB. 1st Class Female Puppies.

International Exhibition of Portugalete 2009: Exc. 1st Best Young Dog.
Judge: Mr. Vincent O Brien

International Exhibition of Santander 2009: Exc. 1st Best Young Dog.

International Spring Exhibition 2009: Exc. 2nd Class Young.
Judge: Ms. Lorna Blackie

International Exhibition of Badajoz (mandatory point) 2009: Exc. 1st Class Young Dogs
Judge: Mr. Gordon Williams

International Exhibition of Bilbao 2009: Exc. 1st RCAC and RCACIB, Females Intermediate Class.

Speciality Show A.E.L.R. Novembre 2009: Exc. 2nd Female Intermediate Class.
Judge: Ms. Linda Major (Kennel Linjor)
"Well defined profile, good head, good neck, good top line and tail, good gait" (Linda Major)

Spring Exhibition (mandatory point) 2010: Exc. Female Intermediate Class.
Judge: Mr. John crook (Kennel Balrion)

International Exhibition of Alava 2010: Exc. 1st and CAC Females Open Class.
Judge: Ms. Dorota Witkowska

4th National Speciality Show A.E.L.R of Alicante 2010: Exc. 1st Open Class, CAC, 30 females in the ring
(mandatory point for the Spanish Championship)
Judge: José Miguel Doval (De la Enna)

National Exhibition of Asturias 2011: Exc. 1st Open Class, CAC, and best breed.
Judge: Suncica Lazic

International Exhibition of Irun 2011: Exc. 1st Open Class, CAC, and CACIB and Best Female, Spanish Champion.
Judge: Sean Delmar


Ch. Esp.
Carpenny Trigger
Tigger Tigger of Carppeny Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Bonhmie
Trenow Bigadier
Carpenny Camargue
Tabatha's Mirth Ch. Am
Dickendall Arnold
Tabatha’s Brazos Truffles
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Whist
Hawksmoor Webster Ch. Am
Dickendall Arnold
Hawksmoor Raven’s Flight
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Rustina
Kamrats Rustibus
GB Sh Ch Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny
Pipe dreamer de Rio Nevado Ch. Esp.
Poolstead Puccini
Ch. Sh.
Poolstead Pumpkin
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Sloane Ranger At Bulgene
Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Pipe Dreamer
Poolstead Penny Piece Ch. Sh. GB
Poolstead Pumpkin
Ch. Sh. GB
Lenches Miss Molly
Deud'issan Miss-Molly Ch. Esp.
Lenches Angus
Poolstead Plan Of Action
Lenches Miss Milly
Selina De la Torre De Justo Nil Winds Of Toul Diweon
Camila De La Torre De Justo
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