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Avellanar of Atalaya Labs
* Molly *

Colour: ee BB: Pure yellow, with normal pigmentation.

Teeth: Complete/Correct bite



Optigen prcdPRA: N/N (free)

Eic: Clear





Molly, 3 months old



Jerry down the hill Carpenny Primo Ch. Sh. Gb.
Priorise spending time
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Sandylands Preseed for time
Priorise Atraction
Carpenny Wholly Ch. Sh. GB
Carpenny Walpole
Carpenny Barbera
Carpenny Melba of Down the Hill Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Made a Million
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Made the trip
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Mambrinos spellbound at Carpenny
Carpenny Albertine Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Anchorman
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Whist
Endagora Midnight Mist Loch Mor Debonair Ch. Charm Bluveil Mr Darcy Langshott gale force from Kimvalley
Charms Dancing to the Music
Heatherbourne Wild silk al Loch Mor Ch.
Sandylands Wait and see
Loch Mor sokeri at Heatherbourne
Endagora Hight Society CH.Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods Palabras blue bayo
Hirsipirtin xedos
Inspiracion Teapeton Gadding Around At Sanddyland
Ch.Foxrush Day dreamer
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