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You can consult our upcoming litters contacting us






Iñaki Rodriguez
Teléfonos:(+34) 94-6361603 - (+34) 645 70 21 63
e-Mail: inakiavellanar@gmail.com







Jerry down the hill Carpenny Primo Ch. Sh. Gb.
Priorise spending time
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Sandylands Preseed for time
Priorise Atraction
Carpenny Wholly Ch. Sh. GB
Carpenny Walpole
Carpenny Barbera
Carpenny Melba of Down the Hill Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Made a Million
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Made the trip
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Mambrinos spellbound at Carpenny
Carpenny Albertine Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Anchorman
Ch. Sh. Gb.
Carpenny Whist


To find out about our upcoming litters, please contact us.

Iñaki Rodriguez Perez
Telephone:(+34)   645702163
e-Mail: inakiavellanar@gmail.com





When buying a puppy from Avellanar…

We discourage people who want to buy a Labrador puppy but are unable to offer him/her a dignified life.

We always advise buyers on the most suitable puppy for their life style since we have an in-depth knowledge of each puppy’s personality and we will always try that each puppy goes to the owner that best suits such personality.



And remember:

  1. We DO NOT send puppies via courier as if they were merchandise (you will have to come and collect him/her from the Kennel, unless it so happens that we are travelling to your place).

  2. We DO NOT have puppies for immediate delivery (you will need to reserve and wait for a few months).



Puppies are handed over:

  • When they are 10 months old.

  • On a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

  • Vaccinated.

  • Free of parasites.

  • Identified with a Microchip.

  • Registered in the L.O.E. (Spanish book of origin – F.C.I.)

  • With a copy of Parents’ pedigree.

  • Copy of the certificates that the parents are free of hip dysplasia.

  • Copy of the certificates that the parents are free of elbow dysplasia.

  • Copy of the certificates that the parents are free of ocular defects.

  • European Passport (Official Health Card).

  • Bag of food for the first few days.

  • Folder with advice and information on how to look after the puppy.

  • What you need to know before taking your puppy home. CLICK HERE.

Contact us and we will give you further information at no obligation.




Asociación Española del
Labrador Retriever